Free Lensing

Being a photographer I am always looking for ways to use my camera outside of my comfort zone. This helps me to grow as a professional and is just plain fun. : ) After reading about free lensing I definitely had to try it out for myself to see if I could produce some awesome imagery. Although these few images are far from awesome, and I do mean far, I like it! It is hard to get the subject in focus while having the lens detached from the camera itself but I feel like I can get it done with more practice. Be sure to look up free lensing for amazing images from photographers who have this skill perfected. They are truly unique! If you have a camera you should give it a try!

I chose wedding bands from my husband and I. The first one is with the lens attached to the camera and other two with it off. Notice the blur on the sides. Pretty cool huh?! : )

#cameratips #dslr #fun

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